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The Confederation Trail

The Confederation Trail was developed on abandoned railway lines and takes you into wetlands and hardwood groves, through quaint villages and along sparkling rivers. In August, 2000, Prince Edward Island became the first province in Canada to complete its section of the Trans Canada Trail.

Major Woodland Trails

Prince Edward Island's network of trails is as varied as its cultures and micro-environments, which weave through woodlots, along beaches, through fields, and around sheltered streams and ponds.

Other Hiking / Biking Trails

There is a wide variety of hiking trails winding in and around many communities across Prince Edward Island. We've organized all of these trails for you here so you can search for the perfect trail to suit your location and difficulty preference.

Parks Canada Trails

There are many scenic trails located within Prince Edward Island National Park, each with its own unique features. Meander along field edges and hedgerows, across floating boardwalks or through mixed woodlands. Discover spectacular vistas and a variety of species of birds and other wildlife.

Heritage Roads

The narrow, red clay lanes of the Island are special places - each with a story. Spared burial under cement or asphalt, they are no longer just avenues for getting from one place to another, but a unique part of our heritage.